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You purchased a Flipbook on Etsy, thank you for your order !

Some texts on this page may still be in french, click on the british flag to translate (top right of the screen).

Please customize your Flipbook on this page :

1 : Click on the purple button below to design the cover. You will be able to use photos, texts and color backgrounds. The words « front » « spine » and « back » will not appear on the cover.

2 : Upload your video. It can be a video file (3 to 7 seconds) or an image sequence. If you choose to use an image sequence, use 48 images and name them with the number you want them to appear (i.e. : « 01.jpeg », « 02.jpeg », « 03.jpeg » etc…)

3 : Validate your order and fill in your infos. You won’t have anything to pay as payment has been done through Etsy.

4 :Your Flipbook is being shipped !

1. Créez la couverture du Flipbook